Concerning amenities De Zijsprong has a lot to offer: a large swimming pool, parking lots close to your apartment and wireless internet is available.

Swimming pool

Cooling down after a warm day? After a few footsteps you can splash into the large and well maintained swimming pool. Small children can play in a shallow, separated corner of the pool. Meanwhile you can take a shower and relax on a sun bed. The swimming pool is cleaned weekly.

Parking lots

De Zijsprong is secured by a solid fence. Inside sufficient parking lots are available. They are close to the apartments, so there is no need to carry your shoppings a long way.


The wireless internet network is free to use, but there can not be derived any rights for wireless internet.  A fixed line for telephone and internet from UTS is already installed; it can be used after the tenant has made an arrangement with a provider.

Wash machine

The apartments do not provide a dedicated place for a washing machine. Some tenants have made provisions to set up their machine. Others make use of the laundries close by. Bring your wash and pick it up clean and folded the next day!