De Zijsprong offers apartments with one or two bedrooms and two studio's. Both types apartments and the studio's provide a combined kitchen/living room (for the studio's also bedroom), a bathroom, a roofed porch and a built-in closet for the apartments.


The 11 apartments are grouped in 3 blocks. Due to the smart layout each apartment in a block has a different line of sight. This makes the porch secluded and a pleasant place to relax.


As common on Curaçao the roofs are inclined. The vacant space underneath absorbs heat from the roof, keeping the rooms below as cool as possible. The master bedroom is located at the most inner side of the apartment block. This makes it the coolest room – even during daylight it is comfortable place to stay.

Other types

A few apartments have their own layout and differ from the apartments described above. These apartments are not for rent on a regular basis.