De Zijsprong is located at the side of the district Jongbloed. Jongbloed is known as a safe and quiet neighborhood.

Gated community

The unpaved road leading to De Zijsprong may not be typical for the district Jongbloed. However, in no way it compromises the security. De Zijsprong is a gated community, surrounded by walls and fences. The gate opens electrically, closes automatically, and only residents have a remote at their disposal.

De Zijsprong is centrally located at Banda Ariba. The connecting roads of Jongbloed, Bonam and Brievengat allow you to reach your destination quickly.


Supermarket Bon Bini is found within walking distance, offering a extensive assortment for your daily groceries. A short drive brings you to the Centrum Supermarket. And Mangusa Hypermarket is close at the Cas Coraweg!

Walking distance

There is probably no need for a long drive. Several restaurants, fastfood, ATM, gas station and botika are conveniently located within walking distance.


Along the connecting roads Snipweg and Gosiweg many laundries can be found. There is no reason for a detour to get you laundry done!